The whole staff of Professional Veterinary Clinic is ready to help you with all of your pet's health care questions. Every member of our staff tries their best to make all of our patients feel like they are at home. They all have excellent skills and interest in pet's care, so you and your pet will always receive friendly, compassionate, and skilled care.

Dr. Dragan Krsmanovic

Dr. Dragan Krsmanovic graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the University of Belgrade, Serbia.
As a beginner he worked as a veterinary doctor in a couple of clinics for large mammals and accomplished the expertise in Internal Medicine, Obstetric and General Surgery. 

Having a passion for the veterinary medicine science he decided to devote himself further more into the Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics so in the previous 9 years he gained experience which mainly comprise Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Dentistry, Anesthesiology and Soft Tissue Surgery in small and exotic pets but no less in wild animals as well. These are his main fields of interest.

He believes that the expertise from the previous experience taken together with a strong motivation and enthusiasm will always bring a success to any project a practicing veterinarian might be involved in, therefore contributing to the Veterinary Medicine Science and the society in whole.

His native language is Serbian and he is fluent in English and German respectively.

Blanca Herrán Arnaiz

Blanca Herrán Arnaiz graduated from Universidad de Leon, Spain. She has 7 years experience in general practice on small animals. She has been working in three different hospitals in Spain. For her personal interest she developed skills in cardiology, internal medicine and imagine diagnostic.  

Krisha Mary A. Duran

Krisha Mary A. Duran is our experienced nurse. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing last 2010 at Notre Dame of Tacurong College, Philippines. Krisha practiced the profession in her hometown at Lambayong District Hospital for 1 year. Being in a veterinary field provides her great learning and growth. 

Michelle Ann Valenzona

Michelle Ann Valenzona is our Nurse who finds working with animals quite inspiring since she grew up as a child with many different pets.

Later on in her past jobs she learned many important things necessary for the everyday practice.

She is so inlove with the pets so she very often call them her " Furry Babies "

Robert Pascual

Robert Pascual is our veterinary nurse. He was exposed to different farm animals as child. He had variety of pets such as birds, rabbits, spiders, scorpions, dogs, and cats. He loved watching documentary on different animals and nature since he was young. He studied nursing and animal behavior and he will continue learning every day.

Alyssa Janine Teruel

Alyssa Janine Teruel is our receptionist. She grew up surrounded by pets, especially dogs. For her the job is more than a job because no matter how stressed and difficult can be, it only takes one glimpse from a pet to melt all her problems away.

Julibeth Antonio Pugong

Julibeth Antonio Pugong is our receptionist and she graduated from Saint Mary's University Philippines with the Degree of BS Computer Science in 2001. She's been engaged in politics during her younger years as Youth SK. She's been employed upon finishing her degree in different fields of job. She's been happy and thankful when she joined Animal Specialist Clinic and she considers as a big challenge of being engaged in an animal welfare. She loves animals because they are full of love, loyalty and affection.

Ace Jesalva

Ace Jesalva is our groomer. He is very careful with animals and animals love him. He is enjoying every day this job because of the little friends he has all the time.

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